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    Post by MyWay on Fri May 14, 2010 1:59 am

    Characters' nick: MyWay
    Class & lvl: Evas Saint lvl 79 (full skillz)
    Subclasses & lvls: elemental master lvl 75 and sword singer lvl 75
    How active you are?: (Average time spent on playing each day.) completely Online when i am not working
    Being active on sieges?: Depnds on time... if i am not working sure Razz (love fights at castels)
    Experience: depends on what you mean experience ( tactics/pvp etc etc) i am skilled enough
    Previous clans: at L2Extreme none:P
    Previous servers: 2 years retail(Devianne +lionna) / 3 years at IsoGames/ 1 year L2Exiled/ 4 months IsleOfParyer/ and here for 3 months
    Age: 24
    Do you work or study? Working
    Can you listen to commands and are you capable of obeying them? if those are for the good of the clan sure:P
    Why FurryRune? Why not ^^ ( bored to play alone )
    Do you have Ventrillo and headphones/mic? i do
    Additional information: (Not obligatory.) Nothing special Razz

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    Post by Jam on Mon May 17, 2010 8:11 am

    in game pm us and we ll take you

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