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    Post by Starlite on Tue Jul 13, 2010 5:14 pm

    Characters' nick: Alys and Starlite
    Class & lvl: Cardinal 82 and Moonlight Sentinel 82
    Subclasses & lvls: EE 75/Tyrant 52 and Soultaker76/Tyrant 75/DA 62
    How active you are?: (Average time spent on playing each day.)4-5h/day more or less
    Being active on sieges?: Usually yes
    Experience: Since c1...
    Previous clans: no clan in x10, BMF in Phoenix x5
    Previous servers: Gravedad Zero (C1), Teon (C3-CT2), Iluna Server, l2Ex (Phoenix x5)
    Name: Alberto and Gabriel
    Age: 25 and 31
    Wich country are u? Spain
    Do you work or study? Study and looking for work
    Can you listen to commands and are you capable of obeying them? Sure
    Why FurryRune? We like pvp, sieges and epic bosses. That's why we want to join an organised strong clan in x10.
    Do you have Ventrillo and headphones/mic? yes, both
    Additional information: (Not obligatory.) We are brothers so you can talk with any of us. We come from Phoenix x5 server (one time hero both players) and usually play at night.
    Lately we are exping a DC and doing some work with our dwarves (Chiquitina and Chispita)

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